Bathroom renovation ideas can convert old and outdated bathrooms into stylish and cozy places. It increases the functionality of a space. The importance of renovating a bathroom can be seen in several benefits it comes with;

  • It increases the property value 
  • Enhances the visual appeal 
  • Increases comfort level
  • Provides enhanced relaxation after a hectic day. 

The ideas for renovating a bathroom can be taken from interior designers, social media platforms, magazines, and renovation shows. When considering a bathroom renovation, it is important to consider some important factors, including budget, space, personal requirements, maintenance, proper layout design to match the previous home’s aesthetics, and a functioning plumbing system. In this blog, we will go through some bathroom renovation ideas and storage solutions to enhance the interior look of your property. 


A detailed design plan should be made to get an idea of expenses, time limits, and the contractors.


Make a list, breaking down all the necessary expenses, including your additional desires, and cut down on unwanted expenses. 


Mention the expected start date and the timeframe you want to complete the renovation. Do not forget to list some possible delays due to unexpected events. 


While choosing a contractor, Check their reviews and ratings, ask for their qualifications, training, certification, and license, and check the company’s insurance policy.

Design Ideas 

Style Selection

Discuss with your contractor the design you want for your renovation. Whether it is a modern, vintage, or classic one. Renovation companies can provide a lot of solutions to meet the needs of their customers. 


Make sure to add useful appliances rather than just decor items. Utilize the free space to increase the aesthetics and functionality.

Floors and Walls

Nowadays, there are a lot of flooring and tiling options available in the market. You can choose the one according to your own preference and taste.

Material Consideration

A durable and high-quality material can provide assurance in terms of reducing costly repairs and maintenance. 

Environment-Friendly Material

Make sure to use eco-friendly materials for the renovation procedures. To avoid the wastage of excessive water, low-flow water fixtures should be installed. 

Durable Material

When choosing a flooring material, many options are available in the market, from porcelain tiles to ceramic ones. Choose the one that suits the aesthetics of your house while ensuring the durability of the material. Countertops made of stone are proven to have a longer lifespan than those made with wood.


The final polished look can be achieved by adding some beauty into the space while enhancing the functionality of the bathroom. 

Walk-In Shower

Walk-i showers are in the trend nowadays. It’s totally up to you whether you want a modern look or a vintage aesthetics in the renovation.


The renovation team can be requested to provide a customized plan for the installation of the electrical system. Ambient lighting provides a sense of relaxation, so it is advised by the renovation experts. The renovation contractor can customize the lighting according to your preference. 


A proper ventilation system in the bathroom is really important to avoid suffocation and mold growth because of moisture buildup. A lot of options are available for ventilation systems in the market. Your renovation contractor can suggest you the best one according to your space.


You can choose the decor items according to your taste or let your renovation contractor do the job for you. If the bathroom space is not congested, indoor plants can also be incorporated into the plan.

Maximizing Your Storage Space With Smart Solutions

Implementing increased storage in the bathroom can help to maximize the functionality and organize the stuff. A well-organized bathroom looks more pleasing and aesthetic, creating an inviting environment. Increasing the storage space can help keep the toiletries, towels, daily wear makeup, skincare, cleaning equipment, and supplies. While considering increasing the storage space the storage requirements, available space, and preferred design should be kept in mind. When talking about bathroom storage solutions, there are a lot of options like vanity cabinets, floating shelves, wall-mounted shelves, over-the-toilet storage, built-in shelves, under-the-sink drawers, hooks, and bars, etc. Let’s discuss the significance of all of them.

Wall-Mounted Options

These options can provide increased storage without utilizing any space on the floor. It can prove to be a good option.


When talking about shelves on the walls, there are options for glass shelves for a minimal appearance and wooden shelves to give the bathroom a more dramatic appearance.

Hanging Baskets

Metal hanging baskets are for the dryer zones in the bathroom, and plastic hanging baskets are advised to be installed in the wet area. 

Wall Cabinets

To store the skincare and make-up products cabinets having a mirror front are advised by renovation experts to increase the aesthetic appearance and closed cabinets are advised to keep the cleaning equipment and products. 

Floor Standing Options

While storage options on the floor can take some space in the bathroom but if planned correctly, it can increase the look and can serve as a decor item. 

Vanity Units

Vanity units having drawers can be used for storing towels and extra toiletries on the other hand vanities having basins can be used for keeping daily use toiletries.

Standing Racks

Metal racks are used in modern renovations to give a more aesthetic look. It can be used to keep your important stuff and decor items like candles or air diffusers. On the other hand wooden racks are used to give a vintage look to the bathroom.

Laundry Hampers

Laundry hampers are available in woven and plastic forms.

Over The Toilet Storage

The space above the toilet can be used to build some storage space to keep the extra yet essential stuff. The options include: 

  • Floating Shelves
  • Racks
  • Cabinets

Final Words!

Renovating a bathroom can increase the functionality of a space while updating the visual appeal. Proper layout and well-executed ideas can transform the outdated bathroom into a practical and functional one. Bathroom renovation can increase the property’s value over time. Adding a touch of aesthetics while increasing the storage space can be a good idea when renovating a bathroom. The expert renovation contractors can utilise the space making the most of it to increase the storage capacity.